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Enhance Your Business With Our Unique Idea

SPELL SOLUTIONSis full-service visual identity advertising and IT firm utilizing the top creative designs and programming talents in the field to create high-quality local and online presences. What makes SPELL SOLUTIONS unique is that we are more than a traditional design firm and more than just a technical team. SPELL SOLUTIONS integrates unique creative vision with a complete understanding of the latest technologies to provide the best Internet media available.

SPELL SOLUTIONS puts the needs of the client at the forefront, utilizing the latest technologies to deliver the best in content and style that achieves the client's goals and exceed their expectations.

SPELL SOLUTIONS is a unique company, both in structure and vision. We assess the needs of each new project on a case-by-case basis. Once evaluated, we draw talent from a pool of Creative Designers and Programmers. Then, each project team is individually chosen to meet the project's needs.

SPELL SOLUTIONS's strategy, high class creativity, and excellent event management service, and top it all Print media services and edge technology and absolute project management makes us a clear choice for those seeking a feature-packed, technology-driven local and Internet presence

Web Designing:

We have a team of creative web and graphic designers to provide our client(s) the best of the look for their websites based on very web standard, as designing is the key element for any website, unless things are there in good presentation it would be difficult for a general visitor to have the understanding and attraction towards the website, we are capable of providing most eye catching designs that would catch the attention of the website visitor and makes him interesting in browsing through further and convert into your potential client/ buyer.

Web Development:

We are a team of very unsurpassed developers those are quite capable for giving the best and very stable solutions for your technical need of the website or desktop applications, our programmers program things most efficiently and in a way to present it the most easiest flow for the end user, as this is beauty of good programming to have things in such flow that things would look quite easy for the end user. Our programming team made a lot of tricky websites like online shopping, hotel booking system, home buying or rental portals, b2b solutions, video based websites or any web based application and etc etc.

Design Customization:

Templates are used to generate web pages dynamically. Content presentation can be control by editing of template. Editing of templates are done by template editor tools and other extensions.

Themes / Skins:

We can customize the look and feel with various theme templates and skin available. We can also create a customized template as per need and implement in Wordpress.


There are various plugin available free or with some nominal charges which can be integrated with Wordpress which extends the capabilities and features.


Sharing of information is core fundamentals of websites and blogs. Wordpress supports almost all the available feeds like RDF, RSS 2.0, ATOM and podcasts.

Clean URL:

Spell Solutions allows WebPages to confirm clean URL standard and all the links, permalinks can be clean and structured to make the URL search engine friendly.

Future Posting:

Future posting functionality allows to post in real time but can be published at a defined future date.


Preview allows you to preview your post before posting.


Spell Solutions allows an unfinished post or article to save in draft mode for later publishing or editing.


Spell Solutions allows you to archive your post in a organized manner. You can archive your post in yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, category-wise or author-wise which helps you to manage post in a systematic manner.

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