Universal Access Number (UAN)

Universal Access Number (UAN)

Universal Access Number (UAN) 

Universal Access Number (UAN) service is ideal for organizations engaged in facilitating General Public, help lines, marketing of products or services

Why Use the UAN?

UAN makes it easier for customers to contact you by dialing a simple number. A quick and easy access to make queries and complaints increases customer satisfaction. Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of doing business by phone because it is time saving and both convenient and cost saving.

How it Works:

  • UAN consists of 6 digits, preceded by 3 digit code of 111, common to all UANs. Example 111 - 20 20 20.
  • UAN operates on Existing telephone connections without disturbing normal phone number
  • UAN works both in multiline PABX and multi phone connections. The incoming call hunts for a free junction or free phone connecting instantly.
  • UAN service can also be used for facsimile

List of businesses that may have UAN service

  • Government Institutes
  • United nation organizations
  • Ministries/ help lines Shipping Lines
  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Provincial Govt. Departments
  • Trading Companies
  • Motorway Police/FIA
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Insurance Companies
  • PTV/Radio Pakistan Stock Exchanges
  • Utility Services

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