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The Software

This unique SMS software gives you the power to run and distribute various SMS services, such as SMS Info, SMS Voting, SMS TV Chat, SMS Survey, SMS Quiz, SMS Content and also create your own SMS gateway, SMS server or SMS router.

SMS Voting

With SMS Voting service in SMS Studio you can create various types of attractive SMS voting events (SMS survey, SMS poll, SMS quiz, etc.) and publish voting results in real-time on a screen device (TV, video beam, monitor) or a Web site


Rich visual options, perfectly smooth scroll, automatic content filtering and advanced user interface, make this product an ideal solution for creating interactive SMS events by displaying incoming SMS messages on a screen device (TV, video beam, monitor)

Software Demo

In order to let you explore all the features of the application, Software Demo will give you the complete picture of its excellent capabilities, easy to use interface and low hardware requirements. You will be able to thoroughly examine our SMS Server, SMS Info, SMS Voting and SMS TV Chat solutions

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