0800 Toll Free Service

Let Customers Call You Toll Free

0800 Toll Free Service:

  • It is a Value-added service to your business that allows clients or customers to make “free” telephone calls to you chargeable to the called Company’s 0800 free phone account i.e 0800 220XXX
  • Incoming calls can be forwarded to any specified numbers whenever the main line is busy or not answering.
  • This ensures that customer calls reach you and are attended to.
  • You can choose to block incoming calls from specific districts or provinces. 
    1. - This helps you target your efforts to a particular geographical market segment.
    2. - Callers may first listen to a voice menu that guides them in selecting the department or section they would want to be connected for assistance.
  • PIN access
    1. - Free phone Callers may be limited to a particular market segment. You would therefore give the free phone number a universal PIN to your corporate clients, dealers, distributors etc.
    2. - A newspaper company can give the free phone number and PIN access only to field news reporters to file in reports free.
    3. - A bank may use this for only corporate or targeted segment to enhance service provision.
  • call distribution - Resource manager
    1. - Calls may be distributed by percentage quotas in line along other manpower resource distribution to enhance efficiency.

0800 Customer Benefits:

  • Customers associate your Freephone No. with your products or brands. Consolidates and strengthens your brand identity e.g. 0800 221 nnnn.
  • Improves and strengthens your customer service.
  • Gives you nationwide and global marketing advantage

24 HOUR Customer Service

  • Round the clock accessibility, anytime anywhere. e.g. Distributors, Restaurants, fast foods.

Customer Inquiry line

  • Bringing your customer closer at by giving fast efficient customer service

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